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I took a look at the FBO article last night before going out, it's infact more complete than I thought it was, which is a good thing.. however having read through it and made a few english corrections and reflowed it a bit I reach the end and I'm left wondering "where the hell was I going with this?".

I think I've covered everything I need to, I think I just need to come up with a decent final example (this article has at least two) and throw a conclusion etc on the end of the main text and it's good to go.

I also got a copy of GPU Gems 2 in the post today; I ordered it so it wasn't like it was an unexpected present or anything. I've mostly got it for the intro to GPGPU stuff in there, even if it's NV based it should still prove usefull for my degree project and frankly I need all the sources I can get right now [wink]

The only downside is, as I sat here looking at it, a thought cross my mind.. and I looked up at the shelves which dominate my walls and realised; I've no where to put it! [sad]

A quick mental bit of movement later and a location has been found, however it means the book is out of position, more so than some of the others... this is starting to make me twitch as my 'neatness' and 'coherency' OCDs kick in... (two which are kinda odd as my room is generally a mess, but I like my books to be together logically.. how odd) all of which means at some point I'm going to have to lose a few hours while I resort and reorder my books on my shelves... what I really need todo first however is get a box of some sort to order all my paper work, thus freeing up a shelf...

Such fun.

Tonight however it's Rob VS FBO Article 2... FIGHT!
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I need to really clean up my rendering engine. Right now, when you *create* a shader object in C++, it initializes and binds an FBO and shader in the constructor, which I might not want depending on if I'm using a "retro" computer (such as those running that antiquated Microsoft operating system).

Maybe you should do an article or sweet snippet on a 'shader' class and a 'FBO' class for those of us who hate procedural.

FYI, the newest OS X update gave me OpenGL 2.0, so the concerns I was talking to you about before aren't as important.

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