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Orcs in da forest!

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So, some Robot City enemy ideas:

- Same Robot guards from Stompy's Revenge...but with bigger guns. However, they only shoot at you if they see you, so, in theory, you could sneak past them.

- Missile turrents that fire "Blocky-seeking" missiles. Missiles explode after a set period of time.

- Robot Overlords: Invincible and deadly. If you encounter one, run away!

So those are my enemy ideas, and I should probably get started coding them tomorrow.

If anybody is wondering if I've made any progress on "Legendary Hero of Legend", well, all I can say is: randomly generated forest + randomly placed orcs == fun:

I'd like to say coding this was time-consuming or hard, but I can't if I'm to be honest.

Now, I could spend several, several paragraphs telling how great XNA and C# are, or I could just say that they are really, really good. Basically, I'm having alot of fun experimenting with this new framework for writing games.

I do plan on getting a "Creator's Club" subscription. "Legendary Hero of Legend" on Xbox 360 is just too cool to pass up.

Or even a new Stompy side scroller on 360...sweeeeet.
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Yep, I think my NES style spriting skills are getting better. I've actually been practicing by looking at old NES sprites, such as from Final Fantasy I, when drawing the new sprites.

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