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Da Orks on video

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So I decided to reserve this weekend for the noble task of getting SDL_mixer coded into the Blocky Man game engine. Given that I can't make a screenshot of audio programming...uh...probably no screenshots this weekend.

However, I did create a video today of my work on the "Legendary Hero of Legend" game engine. You can get the video here.

The video is 5mb for 0:21 of footage, but that's the most I could compress it without it looking bad.

The video shows the tile map, and the Orc monsters moving about. I bumped up the Orc count to 500 for this video, so there are alot of them. I would say my Zelda clone is going well so far.

I really wish FRAPS worked with plain SDL. A video is a better way to see a game than a screenshot anyday(although obviously not as good as a demo).
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Looks awesome! Can't wait to see more.


Wow, I have to say - I don't remember Link ever having to fight that many orcs.

My game world for this game has a much higher orc population. Plus, Hyrule was just practice for this place[lol]

Looks cool. You check out mine? Instead of lotsa orcs walking around I have lots of blocks dropping

Yep, just did. Looks very professional, and I could imagine it on the Xbox Live arcade. The gameplay looks quite different from other puzzle games. That's a good thing, because it isn't just another Bejeweled/Tetris clone.

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