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Space Fortress

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yeah yeah, i can't stick to one thing at a time. bleh. well, screenshots speak volumes:

no downloads, its kinda dumb to have unfinished products downloadable. finish it, at least enough that there's a demo there..

so yeah. like i said before i was pumped about a game idea i had long ago when HopeDagger pointed me at a great idea to do collisions with. that was the biggest problem, i was too focused on why a particular method DIDN'T work and i just didn't get anywhere. well, he figured a way and was kind enough to share a little bit of it to me! once i had my talons in the idea, the whole thing came flooding back.

when i get the collision up and running i'll post more about it. no point in getting everyone else excited if i get stumped and don't have anything to show again.

[edit: got collision detection working great!

i'm drawing pixels on an arbitrarily positioned/rotated fortress as i'm coming into contact with it. it works exactly how i want it to. i'm guessing that i should probably just change the drawing to be the mask color.. ^_^;; anyways, i thought it was interesting enough to post about.

getting a visit from the gf, so i must away! doing col-response next! then what?? projectiles??? WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE ]
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