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Well, I guess a "demo soon" is off, as I just managed to completely fuck my subversion and all of the work I've done over the last 6 days.
Game Plan was to commit a fresh copy and then make a back up. Half way through the commit I got some freaking error and so I copied and pasted my folder; then I deleted everything except for the .svn folders. Then I did 'svn del *' so that I could do a fresh upload and get around the problem. That stops halfway through and something went wrong as my copied and pasted folder is gone.

Good news: I have a copy on my laptop. Bad news: it's six days old and doesn't have any of my GUI or map editor features; nor does it have any of the major modifications that I made to the graphics system.

Anyway, I'm off to go hang myself.
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Crap. I hate that, too. It stinks to be set back that far after so much hard work, but at least your code will be even cleaner the second time through. [sad]

Be like me and religiously upload a backup to a USB key on a daily basis. After going through similar experiences, I've learned my lesson! [grin]

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