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Well, tragedy was partially avoided. I downloaded FreeUndelete and was able to get the 6 files I was most worried about back (my map editor stuff and my gui stuff.) Now, I'm not positive it's the newest version, but it should be (I don't remember deleting them before.) It'll be a couple hours before I find out (I have to get the old version off of my laptop and onto my desktop without losing that too.)

I'm really wishing Christmas would have been last week as I'm supposed to be getting a nice SATA harddrive.

Anyway, not as much of a setback as it could have been, so I got REALLY lucky. I'm thinking maybe I'll invest in to either some flash cards or a jump drive. At the very least I'm going to commit new versions each night and update them on both of my computers; that way I should always have a backup.
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