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I'm still a long way off from having my gun do anything useful, but I was playing around with some video capture utilities tonight and thought I'd post the little moo-vie that it grabbed. I work on mac and haven't had a chance to test the codec in Windows land - can anyone using Windows confirm the movie below plays ok when you click on it? If not, I guess I'll need to experiment more with the codec.


I shrunk the capture window inside the game window which is why you see so little around the character - rest assured when you're playing you can see a lot more of what's going on around you.

If you look carefully, you can see that the ping-pong balls the gun currently fires often pass straight through things (like walls). The next thing on my plate is to introduce a swept-volume collision preprocessor to handle high-speed objects like bullets. Once I have the collision sorted (which I've already put off for days), I can start making the bullets do more interesting things when they collide with things.

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That looks awesome! Keep up the great work!

Btw, the movie worked fine for me (Windows; played through Firefox.)

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Works on Windows under Firefox for me too.

What're you using to record it? I can't find any good movie recording solutions for OS X games.

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very cool - I hadn't realized it was a 3D iso game until now - thought it was 2D iso

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Thanks for the encouraging words - much appreciated.
Rav - the capture util I was using is this one:
It's not free after the 30 day trial ... but it does a pretty good job of the capture, letting you pick from loads of video codecs. I didn't try it when my game was running fullscreen though, not sure how it would work for that. As long as you've got a windowed mode, you'd be fine.

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I was using Screen Eater, but it has weird crashes when you change resolutions and doesn't seem to take a proper video.

I guess I'll have to shell out for Snapz Pro.

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