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To everyone who tried to log-in yesterday - I switched the database server over from dwarfsoft's host (which was really ick) to one hosted at the university that I found. Unfortunately, I did this right after posting, and register.php (week-old legacy code) was still using the hard-coded connection settings (as opposed to the new centralized connection script) and was still connecting to the old server.

Thus, when you logged in, nothing happened. I'll throw in some feedback there for "LOL BAD USERNAME/PASSWORD COMBINATION" tommorrow after I finish up a paper.

Anyway, just to let you know (HOPEDAGGER) that I have more than just a register/login page. I actually have *stuff* up. And stuff. With worse graphics than the registration page. Much worse. Sorry I let you guys down yesterday - I guess that's inevitable for any game of the genre though.

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Found a bug :P Somehow the stairs in the dinning room of the inn didn't show up so I was stuck. They were there after I logged in again though.

So, basically all your descriptions state that everything is pretty dull?... :P

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That's really odd, I have no idea how that happened. The maps are just one big jpg - I dunno what would cause a given part not to display. Must have just been a hiccup or something somewhere. But yeah, all the descriptions are dull because its a dull place. :3

LOL need to code the battle engine, but have to write a paper first...

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Query failed: SELECT defact, action1, action2, image FROM maps WHERE mid= LIMIT 1: You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'LIMIT 1' at line 1

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