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Saturday, Dec 9

I hauled myself outta bed around 1:30 today after sleeping for a measly 5 hours (bah, who needs sleep anyways?) and ran some errands, the highlight of which was taking my car to the guy I mentioned in my last post, who fixed it for me in like 15 minutes and for free. $90?? Screw you Nissan!! :P

So I just did a few minor things to the game today. First I went back through all my script files and cleaned them up. I was rushing like mad crazy last nite so I could get the video done before I passed out, so I hardly commented/documented anything. So I tidied up, fixed a few minor minor bugs, improved my code in some places as well.

Satisfied with that, I completed the menus - added the credits menu and enabled the use of the Esc to navigate backwards from a menu as well.

Next I added some explosions for when I delete blocks. I'll be using particles for this and other things, but I want to put in the particle effects all at once, so I'm holding off on that and using animated sprites for now, which code-wise isn't all that different really.

Finally, I added the discharge arrows I mentioned in an earlier entry to the attack and defense blocks. What these arrows denote is the direction a block will release its charge when it lands on the stack. You need to carefully take into account the direction of these arrows when planning your strategy. Here's what they look like overlaid atop the blocks (this is my first need for programmer art - ugh)

I know I'm still holding back on explaining exactly how the game works, but rest assured I'll come clean soon. I want to get some block interactions going on, I'd rather make a movie demonstrating things.

Okay I guess I can say I'm done for the night. I'll prob sleep until someone or something wakes me up tomorrow, so who knows what I'll get done. May not hear from me till Monday, but by then I'll have lots more to show [smile]

oh yea, and in case you missed it, the space shuttle Discovery made a perfect launch tonight. It was quite spectacular watching from NASA's live video feed, and it was nice to catch a nite launch - this was their first nite launch in over 4 years. Good stuff, good stuff.
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yea that would be an issue I'm having with TGB. Seems their t2dTextObject doesn't want to render any of my fonts properly. If you look very closely at the "P" in Player 2 when you enlarge the image, you'll see a vertical line to the right of it, some bleed-through effect or something. I've been bitching (for lack of a better word honestly, haha) about it on the GG forums for days now, but no staff members there have answered me yet and only one member has offered any help so I still don't know if this is just me doing something wrong or if it's a bug in this release.

You can also see this effect in this image as well. The Target text up top is the worst.

Oh well - minor gripes really. Tho I hope they fix it soon...

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