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Space Fortress update

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without further ado:

[edit: whoa! 2fps?? must be something silly going on there, because of the short timespan between pausing.. wanted to get the cap juuuuuust riiiiiiight]

got a few more things done, we're colliding with the fortress now, and we can shoot it! please whatever you do don't ask for the code, you have no idea how much i need to clean it up [bawling]

i'm not sure what's next, to be honest. i might make another fortress bitmap, something way bigger. all i was going for with this test was to just accomplish what i've accomplished. in order to move towards a game i have to start putting down more rules around this basic setup. gonna have to take a break and figure out what's most important.

i wanted to use ctrl as the shoot button, but readkey()>>8 doesn't pick it up. readkey() is designed as an emulated std-in and we all know std-in doesn't store single ctrl presses. i'm using key[KEY_LCONTROL], but the bullet isn't launched until you release the key. it hovers inside your ship until you let go, it kinda looks more like you're throwing it than shooting [grin]

i know it seems like i should just do some graphics right now, but i think i'm more concerned with the actual core gameplay right now than i am about prettying it up. i fully plan on doing alot of pretties (i got lots of cool ideas to try), but right now its all about the backend.
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