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aaaaaaaaaaaand I'm done...

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Monday was my last day of college, I'm now free and clear until Jan 2nd when two assignments need to be handed in, at which point I've got a soild month on getting all my final year project up to speed (although I plan to spend some time in the coming weeks on that as well).

However, this has been an... intresting... weekend, as Ipswich appears to have become The Brox...

Now, we're a large town for the UK, pop in the region og 150K and growing and while I won't say it's perfect it's pretty quiet with nothing more than the general loutish behaviour everyone has come to expect in the last few years.

However, of late things have been sliding a bit; 3 dead women's bodies have turned up, two were known missing people and the third wasn't even known to be missing. One women is missing and a 5th is being 'worried about'.

On friday, at the club I goto on a monday, there was a fatal shooting in the club, with one man dead and 3 more who had been shot at the time. The club is, needless to say, still closed and it's looking unlikely that it'll ever reopen, certainly not in the next 28 days.

This kinda left us monday night people, the alternative group, out in the cold a bit as we had a night but no club, however strings were pulled and another place stepped in to help and we had our night there instead, which was quality [smile]

So, dead people and shootings aside, what are my plans now I'm free? Well, hopefull all my drama is now done with, the person I had the argument with the other night was out tonight and ignored me, so that was good. So, this means apart from thursday night down the pub I'm totally free and crusing, huzzah!

This means that I WILL be finishing the FBO tutorials in the next couple of days, I'd like to say I'll have them done tomorrow but well I know what I'm like, I should have the 2nd one done however.

After that, well it's a matter of balencing assignments, project and some personal stuffs (video encoder, which would be usefull for my project infact, and OGLWFW2.0, as well as getting a formal GTL release done with the changes made).

So, I'm free but busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way [grin]
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