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GUI, etc.

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A few days ago I added a per-level material for the lower menu section. I also had to tweak the various bars not to fade to complete black. Obviously it's still too sparse ( only about half the info is in there ), but it's more workable than before.

Today I added a trail particle system. It's a quake3 railgun sort of thing, mainly to be used when a bullet has some sort of extra effect attached, like fire, cold, etc. Definitely had to do a bit of perf tweaking on it - it doesn't do collisions, for instance.

The other day I started the AI code for teams. The AI has just been gunning for the player when it detects him, and doesn't do any target selection. I added a 'team' facet to each of the enemies and the player is on the 'player' team. An AI detecting a non-team entity will start attacking, and choosing from among non-team targets. This will be great to allow us to have some set-up battles that the player can barge into, and limited NPCs.

I also added an arcing weapon. Basically a spinning spiked projectile that is influenced by gravity - forcing the player to arc their aim somewhat to hit distant targets. The AI is not yet capable of wielding such a weapon, and may not be in the near future.

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The GUI's looking a lot better with that background to it. Although I have to admit the icons used in the GUI seem to be a little under-par by comparison to everything else we've seen in your journal - for an area taking up ~25% of the screen it could do with a lot more I reckon [smile]

For example, those coloured bars look a little nondescript/lifeless - surely you can come up with some prettier representations?

Keep up the good work!


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Awesome work dude.

One question though, is that guy ever going to have hair/a hat? If not, it still looks cool... very Aliens 3ish...

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