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WinMUD, SVN, and XP, oh my!

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Technically WinMUD is not a MUD, but its the name I gave it when I started, so I'm sticking with it.

Anyways, I've decided to change my to-do list to reflect changed to WinMUD instead of Arenamatic, since the only part of Arenamatic I was really looking forward to (and pleased with) was cConsole. Take a look. [grin]

I've finished, for the most part, the Roomset component. It's fairly well-known, or at least I thought it was, that a MUD or similar game is made of three parts: rooms, connections, and entities. And, duh, functionality, but I'm talking about actual parts. So far I have the rooms and connections finished, and I'm working on entities. Now, that doesn't mean I'm almost done; no, I still have the command parser after that, and then I'll have to figure some way of linking (not the compile-and-link sort) them together.

In other news, I got an SVN up. Sooner or later I'll get a link up to it; make it easy for you to look at my progress. I'll be committing my changes every time I get something right, which might be a couple times a day, so when I get the SVN up, watch it. [wink]

Also, I set up a new WinXP account exclusively for my programming stuff. I've named it ProGamer RM, kudos to anyone who can figure out why. (if no-one guesses, or comments, I'll say what it is in the next entry)

Gonna work a bit more tonight then head to bed.
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Shouldn't it be ConMUD? Anyway, it's looking pretty good. The code is decent as well. Keep up the progress!


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