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So much stuff!!

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So Microsoft kicked out the first release build of their XNA, and in conjunction with that launch, Garage Games released their first build of Torque X. So on the MS side I have VS Express, XNA, Game Studio Express (GSE) and the XNA Creators Club, which I'll eventually need to join in order to get Blitz Blox on the 360. Then on the GG side I have TGB, which I'm currently using to develop BB, as well as TorqueX and the TGBX editors.

Whoa! Needless to say I haven't even bothered downloading anything tonight. I still want to do some more reading and plot my approach a bit more. Once things get rolling I'm sure I'll have a lot of sweet XNA/TGB goodness coming this way. In the meantime superpig and Saruman have already posted up stuff on XNA (I have this nagging feeling there's one more - shout out if I missed you).

So besides all the usual stuff on do on Mondays I took a break from coding to work on the Blitz Blox design document. Or rather, to work on rewriting the Blitz Blox design document. Some stuff is obviously out of date in the last revision of the doc I have, and some stuff is just plain obsolete with some of the changes I've made to the design lately. I've only gotten partway through that tho - not feeling it too much tonight. So yea, sorry no pretty screencaps this entry either. They'll be back soon tho, promise [smile]

Oh I also, on a whim, borrowed the Sims 2 and associated expansions from my sister and installed them. Dunno how much I'll actually play it but at least it's a game you can always come back to after a while. I like that.

Righty then, early night for me. We'll see how much work/research I can get done tomorrow!
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