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Just signed up for the World of Warcraft stress test. I didn't get into the beta back when it started, and not being a real MMORPG fan I wasn't devastated. But from what I've heard, this one will be worth picking up, so I'm happy I get to play it in a couple of days, or whenever they open it for testing. It's downloading on my home computer as I write this.

On other news, I'm fucking starving, lunch won't be here for another 40 minutes...

What else? oh yea, I guess I'll finish this with another quick tip.

Never, EVER hardcode numbers, if you need to, use a const variable for it, this will describe what this number is being used for. Doing stuff like this:

float fAltitude = fCurrentAltitude * 0.304799f;

will just confuse the hell out of whoever tries to read your code, instead, do this:

const float fMetersToFeetRatio = 0.3040799f;
float fAltitude = fCurrentAltitude * fMetersToFeetRatio;

by doing it this way you don't have to guess what's going on, it's plain to see you're converting fCurrentAltitude from meters to feet.

And that concludes todays quick tip.
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