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Reinventing the wheel - badly

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Stephen R


[EDIT - Warning the following text has be sorely abused by my sleep deprived brain. If you feel the need to read it, check your sanity here and you can reclaim it on your way out. I really couldn't be bothered to fix it]

I spent last night going over the subversion docs and messing around with it. By the end I was tired of trying to bend this huge piece of sofware to my will. It's just too big and awekward for someone who's working alone and just wants to keep track of backups. I did a quick sweep on the internet but didn't find anything that tickled my fancy so I decided to write the bloddy thing myself. I present to you - SourceManger

I spent between five or six hours on it today and its fully functional - I'd even say finished. I'm going to give it a few days to break down on me and then I'll post it. Unfortunately it requires .NET 1.1.

The program allows the user to have a list of projects and manages the backups for each of them semi-independantly. Once the user has entered the project and its root directory all they have to do is hit the "New Backup" button and bam you have a new backup. You can restore any of the previous backups to a directory of your choice and can delete previous backups. As well as backing up your projects, you can also backup your backups [grin]. This will create one uber archive which can then be easilly loaded onto CD or any other medium. If you lose your backups for some odd reason then you can just import the uber archive again.

I used ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib to do the compressing, and used the inbuilt XML DOM classes to handle the records. I'm quite proud of it anyway.

Would anyone here be interested in it? Will I throw it up on the GDS?
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