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Caching interestingness

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Shelly's been seeing a bug in the daily puzzles for the past few days now. It's in that little "games you've played" panel at the very end, and it's not updating itself properly.

That panel is actually a little HTML table-renderer that was a Macromedia DevNet component from days long-past. Quite simply, my code appends your user-number to a fixed URL and sends whatever's returned to the table-renderer. For example, here's the played-panel for Shelly (user number 20).


The page looks a mite ugly in your browser, but the table-renderer has no problem with it.

Shelly's problem is that the table always seems to be a bit behind the times, not properly showing games that she just finished in the "games you've already played" area. I never saw this in Firefox, but she's seeing it in IE7.

Only theory I have right now is that IE7's filtering requests from plugins and is caching 'em up. Either that or there's something else on her machine that's caching HTTP requests (Google web accelerator?) and is returning a cached panel rather than one from the server.

Easiest way to fake out any web-caching is to change the URL slightly, so I might do something like http://www.thecodezone.com/games/playedpanel.php?20.12345353 where everything after the decimal is just a random number. Then the PHP code will smartly strip off everything after the decimal and do its magic.

Anyway, I'd like to be certain before I make code-changes. Anyone else out there seeing this behavior? If so, what browser are you using and are you using any other web-stuff that might be caching up port-80 results?
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