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FBO 2 done... I think :D

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I forced myself to work on the second FBO article tonight, it was mostly finishing up and example writing, so it was never going to be an overly long job, it was just a matter of sitting down and getting my head into it.

The text and examples are done, so I'll be sending them off to Gaiiden practically minutes after I've finished scribbling here [grin]

This only leaves the third example, which is going to be based around shadow mapping a simple scene using FBOs. It'll probably be much shorter than the previous two articles, so I might throw something else in as well, we'll see how I feel and what I can come up with.

However after a few weeks of not really doing much it felt good to be back to doing some coding and writing again, hopefuly this means I'll be able to crack on with my assignments if I can keep myself in the correct mindset...

Anyways, I guess I should fire this all off [smile]
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Bah, school is for losers! [smile] nah just spend your time coding instead and start your own company. Sounds like a better idea to me. Honestly are you learning anything at school you couldn't teach yourself or you are doing yourself? Most likely the school is there just to keep you on track with finishing something. Besides playing SupCom seems like a better usage of time. IMO! [grin]
Later have fun!

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