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How much should a programmer make? I know there are many threads like this one, but I'm looking for a specific answer for me :)

I make $11.7/h (according to google) 80 sek per hour at my part-time work as a programmer, doing PHP scripting for a company that has 3-5 large websites.
I'm doing everything the other programmers are doing, but I don't have any education, in programming. I just graduated from upper secondary school, and are now attending collage, that is why I'm working part-time.

Any suggestions, does it sound fare, should I be lucky to get that much?
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part-time, with no college education? I'd say that's a pretty sweet deal, but you have to realize that at this point in your life, experience is worth a lot more than money. You shouldn't really be concerned right now with how much you're making, you should be concerned with how much you're learning. If you're not learning a whole lot and don't feel like you're getting some good experience from the job, better off quitting and finding one that does grant you these things, even if it pays less. You'll make it all back when you graduate and have more know-how under your belt and can negotiate a higher starting salary.

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Well, I would say that I'm over the learning stage(where you learn everything) and in the stage where I do what I'm supposed to do. Ofcource I learn alot still, every day, but that is how programming works, right? :)
Another part of the story, witch I didn't tell, I work weekends in a convenience store, where I make $13.1, and that is a shitty job so to say...

I would like some more input, if anyone wants.

And just to say it, I know the getting experience part is really important at age 19, and I'm not considering to quit. Not that there are any more companies that would take me in :)

Thanks for your reply Gaiiden !

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