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It's alive! (err...FMOD I mean)

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Wow! FMOD looks quite different than I remember it. The new version of it has undergone a C++ facelift, which is nice. I was able to convert my sound code quite easily from SDL_mixer to FMOD.

Afterwards, I only encountered one error. Due to my lack of knowledge about the API, I coded it so that it continued to use channels until it ran out. After realizing my error, I recoded it to only store the channel for each sound effect. Now it works perfectly.

I now have Trapper Zoid's music playing in the game with some sound effects going. All of this with no noticable impact on performance. I'm obviously quite happy, I now have a working sound system in my game.

Now I just have to find where to get some sound effects[grin]
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What sort of sound effects are you interested in?

My source for SFX at the moment is my synth keyboard, same for my instrument samples. I end up mixing them in Audacity to get something vaguely like what I want. You could whip up some bloops by just playing around with effects in a sound editor.

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Currently I'm just looking up free sound effect sites. A site providing free sounds for flash developers gave me quite a bit to work with. I also am using two Mario sfx I found on my computer, although I don't know if I'll keep them in the game.

Now I have to go find the sound of a soda can being opened for the health items[lol]

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By the time of the next demo, I should have the sound effects for the current levels complete.

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