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Santa Stompy!

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Well, I now have a Christmas avatar, and that's all my decorations for this year[lol]

I was originally going to do a sprite of Santa, but I figured Stompy with a Santa hat would do just as well. I find that I quite enjoy doing sprite work, even though mine isn't really that good. This Stompy sprite is my favorite so far. That's probably what Stompy will look like in a sequal*hint, hint* *wink, wink* *nudge, nudge*

As for Blocky Man work, I've been loading up the game with sound effects. One thing I find is that freeware sound effects are not easy to find. If worse comes to worse, I can break out a microphone and make some of the sound effects. For instance, I need a can opening sound for the health and energy drink items. Luckily, the game doesn't need that many sound effects, so I should be able to find all I need.
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I vote microphone - there's nothing like homemade fx to go with homemade graphics :D

Also, nice hat :)

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Yeah, microphone sfx could be fun. I could also do a voice for the space pirates dying, "Arrgh!"[lol]

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Stompy, I think you should DEFINATLY do home made sound effects. I would love to do some voices for the game, maby donate a sound effect or two.

Also I was thinking about this. I think you should add the intrusive omni-voice into the game that dictates what you do. You know what im talking about? Like when you pick new game you get this overly deep voice with some echo going "NEW GAME!!!!" or like if you get killed you get "GAME OVER!!!"

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That would be pretty cool to have in the game.

At the Game Over screen, a voice suddenly comes:
"News! Blocky Man KIA! Bow to your new Round overlords!"

I'd welcome any help I can get with voice work. I don't currently have a microphone for my PC, but I can go buy one when the time comes to do the voices.

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