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Space Fortress update

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SpaceFortressTests01.zip [853.08 KB]

i got a much better collision response working now. you can actually travel the corridors. the linked zipfile has two exe files.

one is a test that lets you fly through and see the resulting normal and reflection. i generated the above screenshot with it.

the other has a proper sized boundcircle and collision implemented, so you can fly around and bounce off of the walls. the weapons are in working order, so feel free to blast up the fortress.

i've got a ways to go, so things like "too many bullets slow down fps badly" and "man the graphics suck" aren't really going to help me out much. i spent 3 hours of this update trying to figure out why the reflection function wasn't working, and i forgot to end it with return. yeahhh. [bawling]
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"too many bullets slow down fps badly"

You should kill projectiles after awhile - there's no reason for them to persist forever. Horrible memory leak :P

Other than that, pretty fun.

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Fantastic collision reactions! Definitely better than Membrane Massacre's. I'll definitely need to adapt this method of averaging contact points for the final release. [smile]

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The collisions are great (I wonder if Worms had done it this well - one isolated pixel could get really annoying at times), but the ship reacts like a ping-pong ball when it collides, which isn't very user-friendly :) I really think it would help if you also reduced the normal component of the ship's velocity by half (or something) with every collision, instead of just shifting its sign to make it bounce. Other than that, it's rather cool!

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