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So there have been a couple of journal entries about software engineering and unit testing. I was wondering if anyone out there had recommendations on books on these subjects. I'm looking to do allot more on the technical design front on my next project, and would like to read up on the subject. Unit test also seem like a very advantageous thing to do starting towards the beginning of a project. I'm not sure if I would do it towards the end of a project.

I do know one thing I want to keep my game design and my technical design separate this time around. I've noticed that if I have both in the same document the document tends to suffer on the technical side of things. I also want to make sure I have everything flushed out so I don't end up just tossing the project aside because I hit a point where I don't know where it is going.

| Projects that have so far halted / failed in the last year. |
Project Dusk ( side scrolling action adventure game )
Level Grind ( multi player 2d rpg )
SOFR 2 ( side scrolling action adventure rpg )
Coin 2 ( see coin and then make it more like lode runner )
3D Action Shooter
Text Adventures

I plan on taking one of these projects and fully designing it out and finishing it. I have pinpointed several things that have cause my failure to complete any of these projects. The first which i touched on earlier being a lack of proper design. The second is motivation, now there have been several factors contributing to my lack of motivation. The most pressing and the one I'm working on is my lack of a healthy life style. This is most likely due to a lack of exercise and diet related problems. Ever scene I have put on this weight my mind has not been preforming at its optimal capacity. I am starting a exercise regiment and have been eating better. Hopefully this will help my focus and motivation.

I have plenty of time so that is not a problem and my skill level is up to par for the requirements of the projects above, except for maybe Level Grind which would require me to learn network programing, which isn't necessarily lack of skill but lack of knowledge on the subject which could be fixed by time, which I have plenty of being that i am unemployed.

I'm still up in the air as to what project I'm going to tackle so if there is a particular one in that list that you would like to see let me know.
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I definitely agree on using health improvement as a means to gain (or restore) motivation. I often find that the times that I'm most motivated to work on a project is right after I've done something that makes me pleased with myself, such as a long studying session, working out, or winning a rough game of pool down at the rec room. [smile]

As for the dropped projects, I wouldn't worry too much about it. As long as you've learned why they failed -- which it looks like you certainly do -- then consider them as lessons. (Heck, I have a folder on my harddrive with over 30 'lessons', hehe.) With more practice, and as you gain even more experience, you'll find yourself more and more able to settle into projects and stick with them. If you want a living example, then start at the beginning of my journal and work your way up 'till now. [grin]

Whatever you choice may be for the next project, best of luck with it!

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"Working effectively with legacy code" is a good book, which basically contains a bunch of patterns/refactorings/approaches for adapting existing code so it's easier to unit test. Even if you're starting from scratch it's got lots of useful stuff in it.

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