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From tuesday on I was sick. I nearly passed out and my had was spinning. So I had to go to the doctor. Since I'm independent (freelance programmer), I had to stop until today. That really hurts because december is already a month with one week off and I'm losing a lot of money.

Well well... I have to live with that.

I had a little bit of time to check my computer (remember the BSODs I had/have?). A new installation of Windows did help out for some of the problems I had. Unfortunately there were some left. I found a bios update for my motherboard which makes my windows run (almost) stable. I *only* have 1 BSOD per day and almost everytime a BSOD when turning the machine off.

There seems to be an issue with the gfx drivers but I have the latest drivers. The BSOD problem occurs more often when I hook up my second screen. So: NVIDIA FIX THIS PROBLEM! argh.

I haven't continued the work on my engine but I'm seriously thinking of releasing in in one way or another. I *only* have to rewrite the complete math part because it's mostly 3rd party stuff in there.

Have fun...
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