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I'm all blogspotted

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Well, it was bound to happen. Since I'm downright tired of the pretty-much constant 500 errors and delays that come from trying to post or view the Bargain Basement Blog, I mirrored the whole danged thing.

You can now read the mirror at thecodezone.blogspot.com. The posts will be mirrored until the gamedev code-monkeys get their heads together and make the Journals page into a proper RSS aggregator. Until then, though, I recommend you check out the blog there.

If you have an RSS reader, I'd also recommend that you move your subscription to that page for the simple luxury of being able to read complete blog-entries rather than the first couple of sentences.

Actually one nice side-effect of this was that I finally got to automate my "site news" at the front of www.thecodezone.com. I've been posting site updates manually on the main index.html page, but that always felt a mite low-tech. Thanks to Blogger's post-labeling feature, I was able to make a little RSS client in Flash that requests items with the a siteannouncements label and shows 'em on the front page.

Now every time I want to make an announcement for the front page, it's just a matter of writing a post and tagging it with "siteannouncements", and it'll appear on the front page. Cool.

Only problem is that the RSS you request is sorted in the order that the entries were last edited as opposed to the order that they were dated, so you see an October entry at the top of the list. I could write a sorter, but I planned to re-edit the entries to make 'em a mite more friendly with the built-in Flash HTML 1.0 text-field parser, so I'll just edit 'em oldest to newest, and that should fix that.

The new Daily Puzzle is still on the way. I had to do some work for Shelly and that put the brakes on things a bit.
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