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5 years....

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Yep, 5 years today was when I first signed up to gamedev.net... who'd have thought from that humble start as a peon all those years ago I'd now be the OGL Forum mod, have two articles up and have written a chapter on the OpenGL Shading Language for a published book.

It's been a productive 5 years *chuckles*

Viva the next 5!

Tonight; I drink to celebrate!
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[wow] Just checked my profile - I'm past 6 and heading towards 7. I feel old.

Congrats on making it to 5; just think - most 5 year olds are still in primary school learning to read and write.


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Viva GDNet!

Viva Phantom!

I think my very first account passed 5 last year some time. This one passed five a while ago. [grin] Here's to 10!

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