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Thanks to the guys in the DirectX forum, id.Net is now even faster! I got about a 30% FPS increase on the normal Doom levels, so they render at around 150-200FPS. This is just with some basic frustrum culling for sectors using bounding boxes, once the wall clipping code is done the FPS should remain at some constant, insane rate. On the larger levels there's no real speed increase, but I just wanted the whole level moved into one large vertex buffer. That way I only have to lock one buffer per frame in order to implement doors/lifts/etc. Each sector contains an index buffer so I can still render them seperately. I'll post my new "scene management" code once I add in a few moving sector effects and am sure it works 100%.

And since I have to have a screenshot, I added in the most feared enemy of all, John Romero!

Also after scrolling through some older entries, it seems some people add comments a few months after the post. While I do value any comments, please do so in the most recent post(even if that's not what it's about) so that I actually see it. Of course it would help if we had some way of tracking comments, but based on how long it took to get previews, I'm guessing I'll be dead by the time that happens.
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"John Romero's about to make you his bitch, with corporate mismanagement"

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