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Prinz Eugn


Yah, I've been pretty out of the whole Gamedev thing, lately, finals and the basic finishing-up-classes thing have been getting in my way for a while.

I have drawn some stuff, but nothing exciting except maybe this thing you'll see later in this entry, which, knowing you guys, you have already scrolled down to see. The biggest things have been an in-game Partisan Mk. III fighter, which you'll get later in the game to replace the regular jet, which looks pretty cool in motion, and some clumped trees so we can have actual forests instead of randomly placed trees that coincidently hide sharp heightmap changes. Anyway, that's for a longer entry later,now for the thingy...

The Thingy

So, like, we've been thinking about having more loading screens, right? And we were all like "Dude, we need another loading screen," and we both were like, "yeah." So I found this picture on the World Wide Tube Collection thingy of this MiG-31 sitting on the ground, looking pretty much like the shit, you know what I mean? So I pretty much, like, traced it because perspective like that has been hurting my face to do lately, and turned it into a MiG-51S that features big in the game, right? Right now it's in pencil and sorta rough in some places where I used a crappy pencil, but I'm gonna go ink it like tomorrow, and scan it in again, okay? Yeah, so here it is:

The picture I was going off of can be found here

Random Life news

My grandfather died on December 7, which was sad, but not overwhelmingly, because it was kind of expected sooner or later. He was a person who really wanted to be in the action doing stuff, but lately he couldn't walk across his living room without an oxygen tube following him around, so it was nice that he went before he was totally frustated by being immobile. Yeah, he was a really cool guy, so I'll leave you with one of his better quotes as best as I can remember it:

"Here's how I got through school: I figured it was the only time in my life where the government had maken it a law for all the girls my age in my general location and myself to be shipped to a one location daily, so I enjoyed it (Well, maybe a little more than they or my parents would've liked...)"

He was the shit.


-Mark the Artist
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