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after a long afternoon of hunting a horribly simple syntax error, i had to end the day on something interesting. so i made a new fortress. i made a big ball and carved out one end and added a few narrow exhaust shafts that lead to the core. its kinda like a death star ^_^

there's where the fortress-dissolving weapon'd go..

a shaft! fire in the hole!

hmm, bad shot [grin]

screw it! i'll carve my way in!

so i got to thinking. if i'm going to actually do things this way i'm going to have hella big bitmap data structures in memory -- the bitmap i use for fortress03 is 3megs on disk. drawing alot of the thing at once takes up a bit of time. its not too bad though, i don't imagine there'll be many fortresses being drawn at the same time, so thats not bad. i did plan on having a 2nd background image that lined up with the wall image, so when you blasted a wall there'd be something to show for where you nailed it instead of just black space.. i gotta get some turrets on this thing so its not so easy to break in :)
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