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The Lost will feed...

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I'm not sure if I mentioned it in the last entry, but Ascension will be my main project as it has a somewhat simpler design and will be easier to finish if I focus on it.

As promised, here is some info on Ascension (This may make the project look a little larger than it actually is. I'm thinking a year tops, and that's giving myself plenty of time.)

I'm almost finished fleshing out the first collection of monsters. There are several sections of monsters: Elementals, Man, Heaven, Hell, and The Lost. The Elementals are broken down into groups: Avatar, Drake, Familiar, Dragon, Genie, and Golem (there will be one for each type.) There will be a monster for every type, but some types will have heroes (for example, Bahamut will be the "hero" for the water dragons.)

One of the things that I've been thinking about is actually selling the game. Obviously if I did, it wouldn't be for much (<= $5 USD; more likely to be only $1 or $2), but I think if I polish it off it'll be worth it. We'll see after I've actually released some details and gotten some responses on the game concept.

Ok, I've been asked a couple times "what's up with the entry titles?" If you combine them all (well, you can't as I haven't put them all up yet) you'd pretty much have a summary of the storyline so far.


Ascension approaches...
Men will become as gods...
The Lost will feed...
Angels and Demons will emerge from the outer realms...
The 7 elements will gather...
And the war will begin.

I'm thinking I'll release more information in a month or two; I want to be able to release some decent screenshots with the information .


Okay, there are some people that seem to think that MalykAI is dead. It, in fact, is not. I've been working on it, I just don't have anything to show as it's mostly been fixing bugs in the map editor (my grid renderer was eating up a TON of my frame rate because it was rendering a 50x50(20000 vertices) grid when you can only see about 27x20 (4320).)

Here's an (incomplete) list of things I need to do:

  • Modify the Map System

    • Switch to plane system (instead of a background and a foreground I'll have two planes. This'll allow for some really neat effects.)
    • Add layers

  • Console System (the map editor will use this to save, load, and create new maps. It'll also be used for cheats and debugging.)
  • Scripting System
  • Entity System
  • Gravity System
  • Event System
  • Content. Lots and lots of content.


Not much development done yet. Link is working on different things while I'm working on getting the scripting system setup. Come Monday I'll be back to my regular schedule and I'll get us going in the right direction.

Personal Crap

First off, I've decided not to pay to fix my 360 right now. It seems to play original XBox games perfectly and I can still play arcade games, so I'll deal with it until I get a real job come spring.

I bought Oblivion for the PC today. Other than the fact that my DVD drive wouldn't read it (I 'borrowed' my mom's DVD drive) it seems to actually run pretty well on my system. The interface is kind of slow sometimes and the first person view is a little laggy, but it runs fairly well at ultra high settings (no anti-aliasing.) I keep it set at medium so that it runs smooth and doesn't get laggy during battle.

For those that are interested, these are my system specs:
2.01GHz AMD Athlon64 3200+
3GB DDR400/PC3200 RAM (unbranded)
Radeon X700 Sapphire Pro (256MB)

So, obviously I'm going to be upgrading my computer soon [evil]. I'm sticking an ATI X1600 and either a Diamond ExtremeSound card or a Zalman external usb sound card on my Dell bill (it'll raise my bill by about $12 USD/month.) An actual sound card is something I've never had; I've always stuck with the on-board stuff for that. However, Oblivion doesn't seem to like my on-board audio.

MY WALMART FINALLY GOT STRAWBERRY POCKY IN!!! (Up until now they've only had chocolate.) It's so-so. Not really bad, I just like the chocolate better. However, by the time I'm done with these two boxes I'll probably have changed my mind.

My brother and his fiancee are having problems, so he's moved in here for a little while, along with his pets. So, I now have a corn snake, small boa, red-rump tarantula, striped knee tarantula, rose hair tarantula, and some sort of frogs in my room.

That reminds me; my Bibron gecko died last week [sad]. He was pretty old, so I'm sure it wasn't neglect (although he did jump out of my brother's hands the night before. I don't think that was it though, it might have helped him along, but he's been acting really weird for the past week or so. He spends all of his time in his little lighthouse, but for the past week he's been clinging to the sides of the aquarium.) My brother offered to give me his corn snake, but I think I'd rather not have another pet at the moment, that way I can focus more on my projects.

Ok, enough rambing; time for bed.
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It's 30 minutes past Monday on the west coast, and I haven't seen you on all day. -_-

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According to Deranged (an unreliable source in itself), you said you'd come on at 5:00. It's 12:20 (midnight)... I really need help with Lua stuffs. >_<

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