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Blocky seeking missiles

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Well, I finished the conveyor belts in the Robot City level. I already had them mostly finished, but the game didn't update the scrolling when on it, so I had to fix that.

I'm strongly considering fixing the background scrolling code, so that...you know...it actually scrolls relative to how fast the player is moving. Right now, it scrolls using hard coded values, so regardless of the player's speed, it scrolls the same. This creates some very unpleasent effects when the player's speed is equal to, or less than, the backgrounds scroll speed.

Such was the case with the conveyor belts. It was so bad in this case, that I implemented a slower background scroll. It still looks a little awkward, but it gave me some ideas on how to fix the background scrolling.

But back to the level. Next up is "Blocky seeking missiles". Now imagine, being chased by missiles while having the conveyor belt you're running on push you back. Hopefully it will be as difficult as it sounds.
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