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Space Fortress update

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finally caught up again with the rewrite. i was kinda slack today, but it's all good now that i'm set to start moving. i actually improved on a few things as i moved along!

  • the collision works better now, the reflection dampening is done only on the normal-aligned portion, so yay! you can go alongside a fortress at full speed and if you accidentally bounce off it a little you won't lose speed.

  • projectiles die after their alotted time is up.

  • you can plough through single-pixel bits. slightly larger clumps can stop you, i don't think there's much i can (or care to) do about that right now.

lots and lots to do still! oh i might as well leave some screens, nothing real new.

didn't have a reload timer in place yet.

down goes this fortress!

there's the weapon selection indicator again.
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