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Whee! There are now (very basic) battles! There are two types of battles: random 'on-map' battles which can occur whenever you click on the map, and 'location-specific' battles which essentially is just a place where you can fight an endless series of monsters and stuff. Hooray!

More stuff to implement:
  • Items. There's basic item support (look for the hidden potion in the tavern!), but you can't use anything yet. Need to fix this.
  • Equipment. You're basically bare-handed right now; need to implement the sharp side of the items.
  • Experience. Right now, monsters aren't giving you any experience points. Which is good, because the level-up stuff isn't implemented yet.
  • Quests/NPCs. There's basic support for this stuff right now, but not enough really. (Potion can only be gotten once, warping, etc).
  • Skills. Haven't even thought about the design for 'em yet. Kind of important though.
  • General refactor. Things like adding in email verification, triple checking for SQL injections (I'm sure there's at least one), and switching over to a persistant SQL connection.
  • Expand the flavor text. Multiple 'on-hit' texts, in addition to some other things. Basically, more 'dynamic' content.
  • Re-tool content creation stuff. Right now its pretty shitty (good thing you can't see it), and I've got some ideas to make it, well, spiffy.

Anyway, progress!

Also, I cleared the user database a couple of times since the last post. Had to insert new tables and such for things relevant to my interests, so old accounts are gone. I'll probably end up doing it a couple more times before anything is ready, and not much has changed since last time, so don't bother making a new account. Unless you want to kill a couple Wild Suiseiseki's -

Oh, and if you get your ass kicked - resting in the bed on the 2nd floor of the Inn will restore your hitpoints. lawl.
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