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Sheesh. . .

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Got a call from our realtor a few minutes ago (Sunday night). Everything's on-track for the buyers to close on the house on Tuesday. Problem is, I've got the bigass black-box unknown spectre of Jury Duty. Provided I'm not picked for a jury, everything's a go. If I get picked, then everything's likely screwed because courts work 9-5 and so do banks, so you can't close on a house outside of that time because the closers can't call up the bank and get their okee-dokee.

Sheesh this is annoying. I really should inform them that I'd be a crappy juror. Last time I got picked to serve, I was the only juror who saw that the guy was guilty and I got personally berated by the other jurors for a full hour about how this dumbass who resisted arrest was obviously a victim of police brutality and maybe refused to put his arms behind his back because "maybe he had stiff joints or something" and a dozen other silly things made up by my fellow jurors. I finally figured that just being a dumbass didn't necessarily make you dangerous and he'd just get probation if he was found guilty anyway, so I relented and took my $18.
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