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New blocks

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I've created some new blocks for Udo. They are not spectacular, but are a bit more in keeping with the theme of the planned first few levels.

I've come to the conclusion that Udo is going to require a bespoke level editor instead of using my existing general purpose one. I want the levels to be a lot more flexible which means a level file has to include a lot more information specific to Udo rather than generic like the current editor spits out.

I don't mean this in the wrong way, but after a load of people clamoured for a level editor for Orc and I spent a week writing one with the Win32 API so I could release it, nobody actually downloaded it and made any levels, so I'm thinking I'll just make the Udo editor with C++ Builder.

Still going to be a lot of work so I don't know whether to push on with game features and have to write a very complex editor in one go or to stop now and put a level editor together that supports the features I've implemented so far, then develop it in tandem with the game.

I'm sort of siding towards the second option, although I'm a bit loathe to stop the game at the moment since I'm enjoying it so much.

It's definatley a thinker.
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