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Revised table-of-contents for the book

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During my slightly unproductive days off last week I started to get the feeling the table of contents for my section of the book was a little excessive. From a logical level it made a lot of sense, but when I started writing I realised that I didn't actually want to write entire chapters on parts that would be equally well served by a section within a chapter.

Tonight I revised my ToC and eliminated two chapters. Don't worry though - I've not got rid of any juicy bits; instead I've got rid of a lot of background and theoretical fluff.

I had to think about it for a while, but my emphasis is on getting practical and usable results - yes, you can't do that without covering the theoretical but you can avoid quite a lot of it. In some respects doing a half-baked job of the theory that glosses over details and skips others is much worse than having no coverage whatsoever. Agree?

So I've now rolled the first three chapters "Introduction", "Foundation and Theory" and "Computing Lighting Models in Shaders" into a single "Foundation and Theory" chapter.

I then spent a couple of hours moving the various bits-n-pieces I had for 3 half-baked chapters into one solid chapter that I'm pretty happy with.

Now if that aint progress I don't know what is [grin]

In revising the ToC I've recreated a lot of the word documents that I was using and, in line with my previous journal entry, dropped them all into a SVN repository for version control.

One final service announcement - I probably won't have much time in the near future to contribute to the forums. Am pretty busy at work and in the evenings at the moment - I'll still be performing my moderator duties so any bad kids will get taken round the back for a sound beating [evil]
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That's indeed progress. Editing is a very important part of writing. Having you give it this attention makes me want to read the book.

Happy holidays, Jack.

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Original post by ET3D
Having you give it this attention makes me want to read the book.
[grin] Excellent! I'm writing this section for my own sense of achievement rather than any potential financial gain, so I want it to be the best work I can possibly do...


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