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Lua 5.1.1

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Well, Scavenger (on IRC) may/may not be joining Project Harbinger part-time, sinec Programmer16 wants to devote a little more time to Ascension. Meanwhile, I've found a new hobby, which might (read: WILL) make people think I'm crazy, or a loon. Check it out, though, it does make some sense.

On the subject of loons, I'm trying to get into Lua 5.1.1. I'm having MASSIVE trouble getting the luaopen_ functions to work, since they have to be pushed onto the Lua stack, then their arguments, then called from the stack. And apparently, when I call, I'm trying to call a nil value. Here's my code, from memory (since I'm on another computer):

lua_State *L = lua_open();

lua_getfield(L, /**/, "luaopen_io");
lua_pcall(L, 0, 0, 0);

When I check for errors (using a handy function I found on the net), I get a "calling a nil value" or whatever error, so apparently I'm not pushing luaopen_io properly, or using lua_pcall right (but I've tried it every which way). Help would be VERY appreciated... [sad]
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I've been messing around with lua lately...

I believe luaopen_*() functions are actually part of the lua c api. See lualib.h ( which is included indirecly via lua.hpp if thats what you use ).

Seems to work for me anyway.


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Ehm, yeah. Read the Lua 5.1.1 docs, it states clearly you need to call luaopen_ from the Lua stack, by pushing it on, then its arguments, then calling it.

(but yeah, I use <lua.hpp> too.)

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Original post by linkofazeroth
Ehm, yeah. Read the Lua 5.1.1 docs, it states clearly you need to call luaopen_ from the Lua stack, by pushing it on, then its arguments, then calling it.

(but yeah, I use <lua.hpp> too.)

Really... I think I must have my lua initialisation code from an old tutorial or something probably. Sorry bout that.

Well, I tried it on my lua and the function luaopen_io is nil, so its obviously unavailable to raw lua. So maybe you have to set the function value via lua_register or something?

But why expose the functions via the c api if they are designed to be called from lua and not c?

More research...

Ok, well this works for me ( but so does calling them directly, so... [smile] )

state = luaL_newstate();

if( state == NULL )
// throw exception

where register function is like:

[edit: and script function is a typedef of the lua function prototype ]
registerFunction( const std::string &name, ScriptFunction function )
lua_register( state, name.c_str(), function );

Then either calling it directly from lua code or via lua_getglobal and lua_pcall...

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The LUA tutorials I work off of are here. They're pretty decent and I'm pretty sure they're up-to-date.

I'll be on tonight around 5pm EST (it's 1:30pm now) for sure this time.

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