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Ever had a bug you just can't find? [rolleyes]

I'm trying to get Bola to load a mass group of bitmaps at once, so I can make a new animation out of TMS sprites by naming the sequence, then selecting all the files and hitting Enter. Now I've got a mass of MessageBox() calls everywhere, trying to figure out why it's crashing. This is very annoying. But I guess that's what happens when you try to work with code you haven't touched in almost a year; you forget what everything does. [grin]

I didn't have much time to track it down tonight. The interface and system for loading everything is done; there's just some variable somewhere that has it in for me. I'll probably have found and spanked it tomorrow ... hopefully.
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I couldn't even work on it today because something came up and I had to take off for the night on short notice. That bug is laughing maniacally at me right now. It thinks it untouchable. I will kill it with my father's blade!

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... espacially if they happen when you add code that is totally correct, and then realize you haven't actually compiled in three weeks, and you have no clue what's causing it...

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