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Space Fortress update

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with the gf weekend over (mon-tues [grin]) i got back to work. i don't think i really accomplished alot, but its something. fighting with matrices isn't my cup o' tea, but it turns out they're alot easier to build if you just do the vector math first, make sure it looks right, and then build a matrix that works the same way. anyways, here's some screens:

here you see the turrets tagged to the edge of the fortress, and fully able to fire. the radar shows the outline of the fortress bmp and where the turrets are tagged to it, as well as all projectiles. i should have gotten a shot to show that if you only see a part of the fortress on the radar, it's properly clipped to the radar circle. it kinda costs a little extra to do that, but eh. i could implement a floodfill that would speed up things quite a bit...

just a random shot showing the fort's actually being drawn proper on the radar. eventually the core will be displayed on the radar, and a line going to it from the ship so you can more easily hunt the fortresses down. the radar is at 1:25.. its fairly easy for me to change the scale in the radar view xform matrix, so if i find i need to tweak, no probs.

i was chatting with rtwilli and he's really got me thinking about doing another partial rewrite to support proper newtonian physics. i've been thinking about it myself for a little while anyways, and i'm not sure if its the direction i want to go just yet. the lack of kickback on missile explosions is bugging the hell out of me, though.

i also want to implement a laser system (particle cannon!!!!) that will actually act as a thruster in part, you will be forced backwards at an accelerated rate as you fire the cannon. it will cut as well as HopeDagger's, but it will be pretty difficult to use for any length of time because of that. i'm pretty excited about adding that as a new weapon ^_^

after i add the core and let you blow up the fortress i'm going to add a 2nd fortress a little bit away from the first so you can blow them both up. a few more fortresses later, i'll add the home fort and start working on refill sites. the homebase fort is going to be the key to the game - once its in, the enemy fleet will be after it. starting to get the idea yet? [grin]
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