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Since I don't frequent the Lounge, I didn't hear about this little gem until recently. If you haven't, you should (it's free).

Anyways, that combined with FFXII, combined with social activities has kept me from moe (or so I keep telling myself). But it gives me nice gems like tonight.

I started a fortress in a hot, fairly dangerous area with the intent to hunt fairly strongly. (hunting in the older builds was braindead I hear, but now the hunters are better about attacking closer prey) After a bunch of dead warthogs, a half-dozen ogres, harpies and a few elephants (not to mention a half-dozen hunters) one of my less than intelligent hunters challenges an Elephant to a wrestling match. Victory elephant. Unfortunately, the elephant and its 5 herd mates decide to chase the graveyard crew trying to reclaim the dead hunter... all the way through my fortress.

Dwarves, dogs, cats, mules... all scattered to the winds. Two of the elephants manage to rampage through the fortress and chase a poor dwarf into the wilderness. Last I saw they were chewing on his bones. The other four I had managed to lock inside my dining hall. Despite the hilarity of seeing four elephants sitting down to eat, I set my industrious staff to work. One season later and a lever was pulled which flooded the dining hall. Dinner is served (for the next 2 years).
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