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Aw yeah.

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Feels good to be done my exams. Real good.

I'll probably post more about the progress of Novarunner in the morning. I've been busy hacking up the flow of data from place to place, and must remember to actually hook the game up at some point and get it running with graphics again.

Important capsule improvements since last entry:
  • Materials system. I added it to Propane Injector and then backported it to the game, so materials are in there and running (currently, basic texture, dot3 bump map, sphere map are usable).
  • Actors improvement. Meshes no longer contain any knowledge about their positioning, scaling, or rotation, and this data is all handled by the actor's view, which communicates with the renderer for the API-specifics. Should make it easier to batch geometry and deal with any problems that arise, though I have taken an indirection hit.
  • Messages. Input messages as well as global messages are properly communicated through the various queues to the top-level and player actors.
    • I must remember to check the global messages to ensure they are getting treated properly, but the 'quit' message seems to bubble up well.
  • Game modes are getting triggered properly, and are called directly. The Story Mode game mode is stubbed out.
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