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Ok, this post is going to follow the format of 'bad news', 'good news', 'bad news'.

Bad News
I've wasted the last 3 or so days shopping and playing Oblivion.

Good News
I'm tired of the graphics lagging (and I don't feel like turning down the settings), so I'm putting Oblivion of for now.

Bad News
I'm ordering a new graphics card and sound card from Dell, so I'll probably be picking it back up in a week or so to "test it out." [grin]

Anyway, you guys asked for information on Ascension and I didn't get any comments. So, either it sucks really bad, they're isn't much to comment on, or nobody read it. Because I'm emo I'm going to assume it's the first choice. OH TEH NOES *cries*

Moving on, I almost have the script system done for Harbinger. It was really a one night job, but as I said I've been majorly distracted with Oblivion and shopping.

I'm going to be working out my gravity system while I'm at work tomorrow, so hopefully I can get that coded up and plugged into MalykAI soon.

Ascension is going to need a basic GUI system; mostly menu type stuff (buttons, scrollable listboxes and textboxes.)

At the moment though, I'm trying to expand on the gameplay a little. At the moment it's pretty simple and has been done a few times, so I want to see what I can add to it to make it a little better.

Future Plans
So, for some odd reason I've been thinking ahead. At the moment I have quite a few projects lined up:

  • MalykAI (2D platformer)
  • Crauss (2D RPG)
  • Ascension (wouldn't you like to know)
  • Harvest Moon style Project (2D RPG/Farm Sim)
  • Arena RPG (2D RPG)
  • Harbinger (Text RPG)

Anyway, I'm thinking after those are done I'll move onto some small non-game 3D projects (tech-demos.) That way I can get a hang of stuff like cameras, lighting, shadows, etc.

I plan on sticking with a isometric style view for most of my RPGs as I prefer it (kind of the Neverwinter Nights view.) I haven't really thought much into it though.

Anyway, my bed calls to me...
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I was going to ask you a question about Ascension to make you feel happy, but then you distracted me with the news that you've got a Harvest Moon-like game in the works. Tell me more about that!

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"I've wasted the last 3 or so days shopping and playing Oblivion."

Oh, yeah. Big news. *rolls eyes* Guess I know why I haven't seen you for the past few days.

Any chance you can commit the scripting system to the SVN? I'm waiting on that so I can get back to working on Harbinger.

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