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Another project

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Unfortunately, development of Warmage: Exodus is kind of grinded to a halt. Due to the holidays I am broke and can't afford to contract out any more artwork for the time being. At the current stage, I really need some finalized spell effects to get the spell system finished. Since this isn't likely to happen for a while I wrapped up the save/load system and finished some more basic AI scripting.

Anyways, a screenshot of the current spell system in action. I am not currently pleased with the look right now, but at least its functional. A few things need tweaked but I can frag skirks now.

Infernal projectile spell in action:

Aside from continued development on W:E, I stumbled across a very talented artist trying to break into the casual/semi-casual game scene. Finally finding an artist willing to partner, I jumped on the deal and we are now developing a semi-casual quest/adventure type game. Think "A Link to the Past" with less combat oriented gameplay and more puzzles.

Anyways, I opted to use PTK for the game and so far that has been a good choice. I started development this past Saturday and have so far implemented a decent tilemap editor with foreground and background parallax layers and a nifty zoom function. This was my first attempt at parallax scrolling but I think it turned out alright.

Map editor screenshot at 100% Zoom

Map editor (roughly same location) at 50% Zoom

And finally, a nice choppy, low-res video showing off a bit of the parallax and the zoom.
The Video

Thats all for now, happy holidays.
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