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Space Fortress update

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so now i have a real core in my fortress. you can blast the thing and it'll explode! the fortress is rendered unoperable and you've saved home base from another threat. screenies! i'm going down halfsize for you poor suckers on dialup, and so that posts don't take up so much space. (also, i have 7 this time ^_^)

showing off the radar clipping here, as well as the core display.

whoops, i guess that wasn't the core.. let's try this one.

yup that was it! i better get outta here...

oh shiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIIIIII


if you get away from the blast, you can see the energy output on your radar, it helps to let you know you're still close to the blast.

after the core's blown, there's no energy in the fort, so the guns don't shoot anymore. crazy!

the next step is getting two or more fortresses on the go, and letting you blow them all up. i still don't have any ship damage set up, i'm not as concerned with gameover as i am with the details concerning what you spend all your time doing, destroying fortresses. i would really like to get forces up and going, but i'm going to at least get the fortress stuff into a structure and clean things up concerning that, a bit more. i'll feel more confident with the physics rewrite when i dont' have so much code in main.
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Heh, I can see someone was influenced by the old Descent games :D

<3 Descent.

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