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Programmable Shaders...

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With my new system (which I hope to collect today at lunchtime) I will have access to vertex and pixel shaders for the first time. This is more exciting to me than the copy of Doom 3 I have sitting on my table for some reason...

Transitioning from using the fixed function graphics pipeline to programmable shaders seems like a dark art though. I can not find one book that seems like a difinitive guide or that is really well rated. I also want an up-to-date book using the HLSL and I notice that most of the ones in the Gamedev books section are in or around two years olds. An age in computer terms...

I was considering GPU Gems but I am getting an ATI card an want to be able to run the samples and I hate books made up as a collection of articles. I wish people would stop publishing them.
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