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Christmas time in the arena

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I didn't quite feel like working on my GBA emulator yesterday, so I whipped up a Q3 BSP loader. I'm loading all the data from the pk3 files using SharpZipLib but it's so damn slow, it takes like 5 minutes to load the textures for a large level.

I'd like to implement leaves(or "leafs" as id calls them) for faster rendering, but the leafface and n_leaffaces values go way out of bounds. Anyone have any experience with this and know why?

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Very cool. [smile]

id seem to dislike using the correct plurals - DOOM's VERTEXES lump caused me intense grief.

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The "Vertexes" lump also makes an appearance in Q3. I'm guessing it's in Q1 and Q2 as well.

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Mm. I've written a Q3 map loader, but not a renderer after I load 'em. I'll have to.

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