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Ho, ho, ho, ho, hooooooooooooo

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Yay for Christmas!

I won a nice digital camcorder in our Christmas raffle at work. It'll certainly come in handy for our holiday in Canada in February [grin]

Glow is cool...

Finally got around to having a go of Ravuya's Glow. It's very nicely put together and I had a lot of fun playing it. I'll admit that part of my enjoyment stems from the fact that I attempted something similar a while ago. Of course, mine was no-where near as complete, but it did have a nifty little not-even-close-to-accurate lighting system in it:

obligatory screenshot #1

obligatory screenshot #2

Hmmm, maybe I'll dig that old project back up someday and breathe some new life into it. [grin]


Yep, still chucking together my batching system for the scene editor. Should be done soon I guess (barring huge unsurmountable piles of bugs).
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Hmm. Realtime lighting is one of the things I wanted to end up implementing, but the machine I began developing it on just didn't have the muscle.

Maybe for the sequel. [grin] Thanks for the nice words.

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