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Prinz Eugn


Ok, look, I have something really awesome in the works, but it's time consuming, so you won't see it for a little while yet...

So as a special pre-X-mas day contest, which one of these badly jpegged guys is me? Why?

Prize for winnar!(Sir Sapo is excluded)

[hint: think awesome]

In related story: Have a nice... day(s)?
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PSP guy. Or the guy to his left, my right, with the black T-Shirt. He (not PSP guy) sort of looks like he would be into art. He would be my best guess I think.

N.B. - A lesser prize for the person who tells me what the heck made me think he was into art!

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Blue shirt. Down in front. I think he's (or she's?) been hiding something from us.

But seriously...I'd go with one of the guys in the black shirts. Perhaps not PSP black shirt guy.

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He is quite clearly the guy in the back. My reasoning:
He doesn't look absurdly geeky like the dudes with glasses.
He's not female.
He doesn't look like a complete dork such as the guy in the red shirt or the one with red hair.
He doesn't look like a weed addict like the guy on the far right.
He isn't making a wierd looking face like Mr. PSP.

Sorry if I've stepped on the toes who is/looks like one of the fellows I ruled out (you have my condolences) :P

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My analysis (which is probably completely inaccurate) because I have a few minutes before I leave for work.

I'd say either the kid with the red shirt, or the kid on the far right..who looks more like the relaxed artistic type, rollin' with the wind. The kid in the red could also very well be the artist, but is very talkative and likes to always clown around.

The kid in the PSP shirt looks like someone who's just obsessed with action games and go-carts. The kid in the sleeveless shirt looks like one of those kids who carries around a combat knife and thinks they're always training for some obscure battle. The curly-haired kid in the background looks like the programmer nerd of the group. The guy in the far back with the long straight hair looks like the musician of the bunch, but who ultimately only plays classic rock or jam rock like Phish. The girl on the bottom is the tomboy of the group and ultimately gives the orders because she can beat up everyone behind her, including the combat knife kid. The kid on the very left in the gray shirt is the most normal, and does a little bit of everything.

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Original post by Samsonite
What if Mark is the
Original post by Dragon88
weed addict on the far right

Then I'm probably fucked.

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