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Blocky Gear Solid

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The Robot Guards make a return:

Hiding from one:

Getting caught by one:

This enemy basically roams around until you come into its' line of sight. Once it sees you, it chases after you shooting.

I've had this enemy idea for awhile, and I'll admit that playing Metal Gear on the PSP inspired me to actually create this enemy. I was even considering putting the trademark Metal Gear ! when it spots you, but decided not to.

They can't shoot yet, but that will be easy to add. Then I'll move on to the missile enemies.
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i have something like this in our game too

however my line-of-sight algorithm doesn't seem to be that optimized, what's yours like?

looking good :-)

Happy Holidays!

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Actually, I just use a rectangle for the robot's field of view[grin]. The tough part is finding the right amount of vision for the enemy, because too much and it can spot you before you can spot it.

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