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Crabbit :(

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So today is a sad, sad day.

I always thought my computer was "ok", I knew it couldn't play the best games, or really even the newest top-flight stuff. I was happy with the fact that it can play my RTS games and a few others without an issue.

An Athlon XP 2400+ with 512Mb RAM and a GeForce FX5200 can't be that bad, right? WRONG. Today I receive Star Trek Legacy from Amazon, which had specs listed on there a few days ago as being well within my system confines. "Great", I thought and pre-ordered it. Loading it up I was disappointed, not because of the game itself, but because my system can barely even play it. Even on the lowest settings imaginable my box refuses to do anything more than about 5fps :(

I'm pissed off, mainly because a game that doesn't really seem to 'push' the machine as much won't run on my box. I'm also pissed off because I have to face the sad fact that my machine is truly a piece of shit and I can't afford to upgrade it at all.

So far in the past month, I've lost my car (due to a crash) and can't afford to buy one. I've had to buy an entire new set of clothes because I've lost a stone and a half over the past few months and my clothes don't fit me anymore. I've had an MOT on the car that I just crashed, and had to fork out a load of money for the legal fees and house-related stuff. And now, next month, I have a mortgage of GBP480 a month to pay. I am, in effect, skint. And all I have to comfort me is an aging PS2 and a PC that can't play any decent games.


If anyone has any recommendations for a system that won't stretch the budget but will play Legacy, please let me know. Looking at it, I'm thinking a whole new box is in order - I need another CPU, which means a new Mo'Bo, which means new RAM. And then I need a graphics card that's fit enough for someone to play more than PONG on.


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Get a Mac. [grin]

Or one of the Core Duo shuttle machines -- they're pretty cheap, tiny, and you can upgrade them with a PCI-E video card.

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Well, for what it's worth, Legacy is a souped up A2 game, has a worse control interface and it's graphics shouldn't demand it's system requirements.

Though, I think this isn't what you wanted to hear...

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The GPU seems like the odd-part-out. If you don't plan on getting a full overhaul, perhaps getting just an AGP NV6600 could boost enough to pull you through? Might buy you a few extra months, I guess.

That does suck though :(

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